What’s a “Blog?”

This is the first year I’ve come to EMSToday as “maddogmedic” instead of my own actual name. I wanted to engage the conference and the people in it from my perspective of the storyteller, “maddog.” I also realized that, at 10 years and 1 month, my blog is as old (if not older) than Facebook. Often, when I tell people that I have one of the (if not, the) longest-running EMS blogs on the Internet, a blank look comes over the face. Yeah, I’m not that famous or well-read. I’m trying to change that this year with more relevant content,…
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EMSToday, Day 1: Photos.

Having a fancy new camera, I was excited about pulling it out and snapping some photos as I arrived at the Walter E. Washington Convention center in Washington DC for the 2014 EMSToday conference. As soon as I walked in the door, I spotted the JEMS games getting set up. I’ve always enjoyed them (even judged a year or two) and I was kinda cool to see them getting ready: Of course, the welcome signs were up: I got the chance to run into the infamous A.J. Heightman, Editor-in-Chief of JEMS and Col Allen, a paramedic with Team Australia EMS….
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EMSToday, Day 1, Part 2 (+1 for funny)

This is a really funny article by Rob Lawrence of the Richmond Ambulance Authority that I came across by way of Phillydan’s Twitter Feed. I’m ashamed to say, the author has pegged me in part of it: Create a medic-tastic handle to call yourself, such as “EMS Pundit” or “Amboman” and use phrases like how “blogging is your great catharsis.” Yep. –maddog

EMSToday Day 1

I’m at the EMSToday Conference in Washington DC. Keep an eye out. You might see me. I’ll be posting updates to Twitter and Facebook and you can follow me on twitter at @themaddogmedic or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/maddogmedic. I’ll be running my silly #findmaddog game again this year with clues as to my whereabouts posted on Twitter and Facebook. Chase that hastag and you might win "fabulous prizes!" I’ll also be talking to a lot of people. I’ve always been interested in storytelling and I’m keen to hear some of the stories of the people I meet. Stay tuned! –maddog

Go Sports!

I drop in on America to attend EMSToday in Washington DC. Because my family lives nearby, I’ve added a few days of time on the front and back of the conference time to visit and re-acquaint. My oldest brother and his wife are big football (NFL) fans so, of course, I accepted their invitation to spend Super Bowl Sunday at his house. I got to teach one of his kids to play the ukulele and we all had some fun. Food was laid out and we all settled into a darkened room to recline, dine and watch the spectacle of…
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Ten Years.

I just realized that January 4th has just slipped by. On that day, 10 years ago, I wrote my first post in this blog. Wow! Ten years ago, I was an EMT-B and a paramedic student. In the past 10 years, I’ve moved around a bit, had a few jobs, been through a half of a marriage (Herself and I are coming up on our 20th anniversary!), traveled to 16 countries on four different continents (4 1/2 if you count the Indian Sub-continent of Asia), and have had a LOT of fun! I covered some of those adventures in my…
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Two Hundred Years of Tradition, Uninterrupted by… Wait! WHAT?

Last year, the Mesa, Arizona Fire and Medical Department did a pretty cool thing. They published the results of a study they performed in the field having to do with assisted CPR and survival rates. In short: working with Zoll’s Real CPR Help ™  technology, a 4-person "Pit Crew" formation and an aggressive training program for their firefighters, Mesa Fire and Medical Department broke with the notion of resistance to change and doubled their cardiac arrest survival rates. You can read Zoll’s press release here and the published study here. At last year’s EMS Today, I got the chance to…
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EMSToday, Here I come!

I’ve just booked my flight from the Middle-East to the sprawling, yet surprisingly efficient, Washington Dulles Airport. I’ll be attending EMSToday again. I always get so excited to come out and visit with my EMS family from the USA. As soon at the flight it booked, It becomes REAL! So, who else is gonna be there this year? Whoohoo! –maddog

“…I Miss the Way the Lights Bounce Off the Buildings…”

I work in EMS but I came to it late in life. As such, I have a cadre of friends and a spouse who are, emphatically, NOT in EMS. This usually means I don’t talk about my day at work around the dinner table and, more commonly, I never answer truthfully when someone asks me, "What’s the worst call you’ve ever had?" The other part about coming to this line of work later in my life is that I really know that this is what I want to do. This is what I LOVE to do. Day to day, my…
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No offense

Saggy has left me. He’s been transferred to another region and while I’m still, technically, the senior paramedic in my section, I’ve got a crop of local boys who went to school in the USA but have had less than 10 patient contacts as paramedics since then. I’m now the smartest guy in the room. (It’s become a really dumb room.) My supervisor has apologetically asked me to be a preceptor.  On this particular day, due to schedule flops and such, I’m working with a guy who used to be a supervisor but now, due to his religion, family name…
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