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Events in my country of residence have made me VERY nervous about posting to my blog. Many regional governments have reacted to the Arab Spring with fear, intimidation and increased efforts of control.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know I’m currently on vacation in Spain. It’s one of my favorite countries. Mostly because the wine is good, they know what to do with a pig and, having lived here for 4 years as a kid, I’ve got enough language to get around.

I’ve taken steps to help protect my blogger-self when I return to the Middle East. Inshallah, there will be more blog traffic from me. I have many ideas and such committed to paper (a nice medium that is, in our modern world, quite impractical to monitor). I’ll be continuing the series on professional behaviors I call "Lack of Affect." I’m also considering a periodical discussion of EMS drugs, one by one. Pharmacology has always been my weakest area. Perhaps I can bootstrap myself into a better practice by researching and writing a few things about drugs.

I haven’t been completely idle, though. I have had the honor of being included among some of the most interesting and compelling members of the EMS community. Together, we have put out a quarterly e-magazine, free of advertisements, focused on the EMS industry. Interventions has released its 4th issue, aimed at EMS supervisors, and it can be found by clicking on these words you’ve just read. If you’re interested in reading any of our back-issues, they can be found by clicking on these words right here. 

¡Hasta luego!

–maddog (¿perroloco?)

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  1. Been missing you, but I understand the concerns. Looking forward to hearing more from you. I’ve been having my own struggles here, as usual. Need to keep my head down for a bit.
    But not forever.

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