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On 9-11…

There is a lot more to the attacks on 11 September 2001 than the FDNY and the world trade center. I watched the Pentagon burn from the Potomac river and, later, felt cheated when NONE of the EMTs and Paramedics who suffered and died in the WTC collapse were included in the traveling "9-11 memorial."

I’m not fully ready to discuss my thoughts fully in the public forum. I’m still sorting out my own feelings and reconciling them with the notion that I am a kind, forgiving and accepting man. I don’t condone any killing but I find myself more enraged by my fellow Americans’ reactions and responses to the attacks (and, yes, there were more attacks than in New York City) than to the act of terrorism itself.

In the past I’ve avoided writing about "9-11." I’m still sorting things out. I wasn’t in New York City. I didn’t work for FDNY. However, I WAS at a "Ground Zero."

Still Processing…..


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3 thoughts on “On 9-11…

  1. You’re right, there is a LOT to it.  Many different feelings, some only working their way to the surface now.I wish we could sit and have a chat about it.You’re brave to put in writing in a public place that you are “more enraged by my fellow Americans’ reactions and responses to the attacks (and, yes, there were more attacks than in New York City) than to the act of terrorism itself.”I agree that many people had reactions that are abhorrent, and the racism some expressed bothers me greatly.
    I think it will take a very long time to fully process all of my thoughts and feelings about the entire thing. Very strong emotions, all over the map.

  2. My cousin died in Tower 1 while working for Cantor Fitzgerald. At my station one side of our message board honors him and the other simply says 417. The total number of first responders (Fire, EMS and Polic) that died in the towers.

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