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Can you hear me now?

Do the dead hear us?

Does talking to your patient while performing CPR have any effect? Can the patient hear you even though his heart is not beating (and you’re doing it for him)?

If the (dead) patient can hear you, does it help all?

I ask this because I had a patient that the cardiologist called a, "miracle." There was some talking.


I want to hear what you think before I tell my story.


3 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?

  1. I’ve never believed in the “body as a vessel for the spirit” thing. I believe that dead means dead.

    So no, I don’t think dead people hear.

  2. I think maybe they do, personally I’d rather talk to them just in case.  I think if it was me I’d want someone talking to me right to the end.

  3. Well, how good is your CPR? Neurologically, anything’s possible with enough perfusion. I’ve seen a witnessed VSA sensitive to painful stimulus (and compressions) while in VF. Great compressions, though, and all responsiveness stopped when we paused for ventilations or analysis. You never know.

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