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EMS Today 2013

I’m sitting in a lovely apartment I’ve rented through Air Bnb and getting ready to head over to the conference center and dive into EMSToday 2013. I’ve always enjoyed this conference and I’ve especially enjoyed meeting a few of my fellow EMS bloggers.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of blogging, twitter and other social media in our profession and how it has affected me. I’m going to talk to other people about this too. In fact, I’m going to informally interview a few folks I encounter at EMS Today and put our discussions up here.

I’ll be regularly updating my location via twitter and Facebook. I’m on twitter at @themaddogmedic, I’ve just started a Google+ account and you can find my Facebook page here.

If you see me at the conference step over and say hi. Introduce yourself if you haven’t already (or if I look like I’ve forgotten your name) and we’ll see what happens!