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I’ve been going on and on in various places about professionalism.

This guy hits the nail on the head (he usually does, that’s why he’s a regular read of mine).

Kelly Grayson refers to this article on

When I first read Ms. Loscar’s article, I though some sort of Philip K. Dick-style mind-stealing had happened. She was writing, much more eloquently, what I’ve been thinking for a long time! Tracey Loscar is smart, prescient, and articulate. If you read her article and don’t feel compelled to do something to improve yourself, you’re likely part of the 75%.

I’ve been harping on professionalism in blog posts and in magazine contributions. Have I been missing the forest for the trees by delving into the particulars and details of how to behave like a professional? Maybe. I know, in my mind, what a professional paramedic is. I’ve met her before. You all have. Any of you, reading this blog, whether EMS providers or just fans (Hi, mom!) know what a professional in anything is because you can remember meeting him or her. She was perfect at what she did. She made it look natural and easy and elevated your opinion of her entire profession and industry.

I could be talking about a paramedic, wait staff at a restaurant, a tax accountant or a "customer service representative" at the mobile phone store. The fact is that we all, regardless of our profession and experience, have encountered someone who is a quintessential professional. Perhaps we’ve left that encounter thinking, "Why can’t everyone be like that?"

Have you ever left those encounters thinking, "How can I be like that?"


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