EMSToday, Here I come!

I’ve just booked my flight from the Middle-East to the sprawling, yet surprisingly efficient, Washington Dulles Airport. I’ll be attending EMSToday again. I always get so excited to come out and visit with my EMS family from the USA. As soon at the flight it booked, It becomes REAL! So, who else is gonna be there this year? Whoohoo! –maddog

“…I Miss the Way the Lights Bounce Off the Buildings…”

I work in EMS but I came to it late in life. As such, I have a cadre of friends and a spouse who are, emphatically, NOT in EMS. This usually means I don’t talk about my day at work around the dinner table and, more commonly, I never answer truthfully when someone asks me, "What’s the worst call you’ve ever had?" The other part about coming to this line of work later in my life is that I really know that this is what I want to do. This is what I LOVE to do. Day to day, my…
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No offense

Saggy has left me. He’s been transferred to another region and while I’m still, technically, the senior paramedic in my section, I’ve got a crop of local boys who went to school in the USA but have had less than 10 patient contacts as paramedics since then. I’m now the smartest guy in the room. (It’s become a really dumb room.) My supervisor has apologetically asked me to be a preceptor.  On this particular day, due to schedule flops and such, I’m working with a guy who used to be a supervisor but now, due to his religion, family name…
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Day:Night. Night:Day.

I frequently live in the nebulous, uncertain time between day and night shift. None of my friends know when I’m sleeping. They also don’t know whether I’m the guy who’s up to "antics" all night. We often make plans and then discover our confederates have gone to bed. They’re mostly friends of "Herself (Mrs. ‘maddog) and they ain’t EVER been on a night-shift. At the end of parties, there are some of us (awake) who look around and say, "We’re too alive and awake to go to sleep." After a bit, we realize we’ve got too many stories to tell…
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“…it is the one instrument you can’t play and not laugh.”

You ever get a song stuck in your head? I used to all the time but lately it’s been much more persistent. You see, back in October, I did a foolish thing while I was in Amsterdam. (Not that kind of foolish thing!) I bought a ukulele. Mrs. Maddog and I had met a few friends from the USA in the Netherlands as it was a halfway point between the Middle East and North America. Our friend, Steve, is an accomplished musician. Our wanderings through Amsterdam took us right by The Uke Boutique and we walked right in. After about…
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I’m currently taking the 2-week CCEMTP course in the USA. That stands for Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program. It’s a big title for a big jump in knowledge and skill. In these 90 or so hours of training, I’ll be absorbing about 30 credits worth of nursing and medical school classes. It’s pretty intense and, at times, overwhelming. Other schools in the USA offer this course as a twice-a-week series over a few months. Since I’ve been flown in from the Middle East and can’t take 3 months for training, I’m in on the “super-intense-you’re-going-to-fail-and-your-brain-is-going-to-explode” version of CCEMTP. It’s…
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I usually don’t complain (out loud). It really doesn’t serve to do so as an expatriate, living away from all that you grew to know as familiar. When I do voice complaints, it typically concerns something difficult about living abroad and delivered for the sake of humor. This time, my gripe is with my home country (and the texbook-publishing mega-business). You see, I’ve gotten my company to agree to send me back to the US for CCEMT-P course. I’m delighted to have the chance to do some more learning. I’m also a bit nervous about the degree of difficulty and…
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